A Magical Winter Trip for Whetley Academy

Earlier this year, lucky Year 5s from Whetley Academy went on an incredible two-day trip to the Dallowgill Environmental and Outdoor Education Centre in the Yorkshire Dales! ๏ธ

This marks the second year in a row that our students have been blessed with snowy weather during their visit.

The children had an amazing time preparing their own meals, exploring the snowy landscape on walks, and even engaging in a friendly snowball fight with their teachers! For many, this trip was their first time away from home, offering them the chance to develop valuable independence. From baking buns and toasting marshmallows to making their own beds, they mastered new skills and built confidence.

Our teachers thoroughly enjoyed spending quality time with the students and witnessing their growth first-hand. It was a privilege to provide them with unforgettable life experiences that they will cherish forever. We’ve already booked our spot for next year and can’t wait to return for another winter adventure!

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