How We Stay Environmentally Friendly at Dallowgill

A New Environmentally Friendly Series …

At Dallowgill, nurturing a love for the environment goes hand-in-hand with practicing what we preach! We’re committed to using environmentally friendly energy sources throughout the centre, but that’s just the beginning. This means going beyond textbooks and offering students a hands-on exploration of sustainability through engaging activities and demonstrations. Over 5,000 students have already had the opportunity to witness Dallowgill’s journey first-hand. Dallowgill isn’t just teaching kids about green living – it’s showing them how it’s done!

We’re even taking action beyond the centre’s grounds by planting 400 tree saplings each year in collaboration with The Woodland Trust.

Gilda’s Fun Fact of the Week!

Sunshine powers plants (and your lunch!)

Believe it or not, the yummy fruits and veggies you eat get their energy from the sun! Through a cool process called photosynthesis, plants gobble up sunlight and turn it into food for themselves. Pretty neat, right? This is kind of like how solar panels work, but instead of making food, they use the sun’s rays to create electricity!

Stay tuned for weekly news posts where we’ll delve deeper into the different environmentally friendly energy sources we utilise across the site. This exciting series will showcase how Dallowgill is doing its part for the environment while simultaneously educating the next generation of changemakers!