About Our Centre

Originally built in 1640, Dallowgill School was a National Society of the Church of England School. After years of exchanging hands, ownership was officially passed to Delta in June 2019.

Extensive refurbishment and extension to the site has created an outdoor education centre which will benefit Delta students across every school. Dallowgill is available for use by all Delta schools, supporting enrichment across the curriculum, giving students access to nature and learning important life skills.

Inside the facility, there is accommodation for up to 36 people in a variety of rooms including a fully accessible en-suite room. All of the facilities are modern and the building is finished to a very high standard.

Externally, there are extensive grounds, an amphitheatre and a fire pit which can also be used for cooking. With access to local farms and plans for a  designated camping area and astronomy facilities, the centre is the jewel in the crown of Delta‚Äôs outdoor education provision.

Alongside schools being encouraged to use the facility for curriculum benefits, Dallowgill also serves an important purpose for students to learn life skills. Teachers are able to plan weekend and overnight visits so students can learn how to cook basic meals, keep areas clean, share an appreciation for nature and create memorable experiences.

All Delta schools use 100% renewable energy, and Dallowgill is no exception. In addition we extract, and filter our own drinking water and all waste is processed on site in a clean and environmentally manner. The centre is extremely well insulated which reduces energy needs and in turn minimises the centre’s carbon footprint.